Orientation / توجيه

Guides for refugees | معلومات للاجئين الجدد في ألمانيا

Refugee Guide Online

This multi-lingual guide from refugeeguide.de contains valuable tips and information about life in Germany.  

Refugee Guide (Deutsche Welle)

On the website of Deutsche Welle (Germany's international broadcaster) you can find an overview-site “First steps in Germany”, which has been translated into EnglishGerman, Arabic, Dari, Pashtu and Urdu.

Refugee-Guide (ARD)

A very useful and well-made online-guide from ARD (world's largest public broadcaster). This multi-lingual guide features news, first steps, language courses and more helpful information. Most information are available in German, English and Arabic. Some features are also availble in Farsi, French, Kurdish and Dari.

Refugee-Guide (Telekom)

This multi-lingual and well-structured guide contains valuable tips and information about life and first steps in Germany.  


    Guide for Unaccompanied Minor Refugees / ّ دليل لالجئني الغير مرافقني حتت السن القانونية

    The "Welcome Guide for Unaccompanied Minor Refugees" by the Federal Association for Unaccompanied Minor Refugees (Bundesfachverband unbegleitete minderjährige Flüchtlinge, in short: BumF) offers valuable information for unaccompanied minor refugees. 

    Buses and trains in Berlin / معلومات عن وسائل النقل العام في مدينة برلين

    The Info-Flyer "Information about buses and trains in Berlin" for refugees by Berlin's Public Transport Company (BVG) offers the most important infos upon your arrival about Berlin's public transport. The information is provided in English and Arabic.

    Travelling in Germany / السفر في ألمانيا

    The brouchure " Travelling in Germany" by Deutsche Bahn offers important information on travelling by bus and train in Germany. The information are available in German, English, French and Arabic.

    Making mobile phone calls in Germany / المكالمات الهاتفية في ألمانيا

    "Making mobile phone calls in Germany" is an info-flyer from Stiftung Warentest, a German consumer organisation. The information highlights what refugees and those helping them should know about the issue of making phone calls in Germany.

    What can Refugee Shelter Managers do? / ماذا يستطيع مديرالملجأ ؟ ماذا يستطيع مديرالملجأ ؟

    What can Refugee Shelter Managers do? What do they make decisions about? What are their tasks? This information-sheet by Flüchtlingsrat Brandenburg gives you valuable infos surrounding the rights and tasks of shelter manangers. 

    Searching for family or friends? / البحث عن العائلة أو الأصدقاء ؟


    A number of National Red Cross Societies in Europe are publishing photos of people looking for their missing relatives in the hope of reconnecting families. Check if your family is looking for you.


    Everyone has the right to know where their family is. This belief is at the core of REFUNITE, a nonprofit tech organization whose mission is to reconnect refugee families across the globe with missing loved ones. 


    Bank account / الحساب المصرفي

    With effect from 2016, you can apply for a (basic) bank account using your temporary toleration documents issued by the Foreigners Registration Office. The corresponding bank must then legally comply with your request for a current account. Further detailed information (in English, German and Arabic) you can find in the following information-sheet from konto.org


    Apartments for refugees / شقق وبيوت للاجئين

    Why shouldn’t refugees be able to live in flatshares or houses instead of camps and shelters? The following initiatives make it happen. 

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