Guide for Refugees | Wegweiser für Flüchtlinge | معلومات للاجئين الجدد في ألمانيا

Here you will find a collection of material to make your start in Germany a bit easier. Most information are multi-lingual or can at least be found in English and/or Arabic.

  • Orientation (Asylum Procedure, First Steps in Germany, Public Transport etc.)
  • Useful Mobile Apps (Android / iOS)
  • Translation (Common Words/Phrases in German, Medical Terms, Juridicial Terms etc.)
  • A List of (entitled) Doctors in Berlin

Apps / التطبيقات



Refugee Phrasebook

Select your needed languages to get useful phrases for your

ترجمة / Translation


The Team of (www.babadada.c

List of Doctors / قائمة الأطباء


  • Since we have no knowledge of whether the listed (entitled) doctors have free capacities to accommodate more patients, a prior contact is highly recommended.
    منذ ليست لدينا معرفة ما إذا كان الأطباء المدرجة لديها القدرة المجانية لاستيعاب عدد أكبر من المرضى ، و اتصال مسبق مع ممارسة ينصح بشدة .

Participation / مشاركة

Self-organization has been essential for thousands of refugees arriving in Germany. The following initiatives are some initiatives who are engaged

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